Episode 5: Connie Houser on Seeing Your Impact | University of Phoenix
September 15, 2020

Episode 5: Connie Houser on Seeing Your Impact

Speaker: Connie Houser

  • Duration: 11 minutes

Dan interviews Connie Houser, a 51-year nurse and 18-year UOPX nursing instructor. They talk about what’s next in healthcare for both workers and consumers, and connecting with others, no matter your industry.

Show Notes :

Connie brings her decades of nursing and education know-how to How Tomorrow Works this week.

Connie and Dan talk about what healthcare looks like in 2020, what to expect next, and the professional and personal reasons to pursue higher education.

Connie reflects the changes in remote learning she’s seen firsthand, and how that option can be a game changer for students of any discipline.

Then we learn a little more about Connie in our lightning round, How Connie Works.

It’s powerful to hear from someone who loves what they do as much as Connie does. We think you’ll feel it too.

Catch the sixth and final episode of How Tomorrow Works next Wednesday, when Dan interviews UOPX’s Brandon Ethridge. And catch up on the rest of the limited series now.

It’s somewhat difficult to put into words because there is such a sense of contribution. There’s a sense of being dedicated to something bigger than yourself when you become a part of the nursing profession. And it makes the day-to-day difficulties seem not so important anymore.”

– Connie on what it means to be a nurse

Our Guest

Connie Houser has pretty much always been a nurse. She chose her future profession at age 4 and never looked back. Connie has worked across many specialties, including ICU, ER, labor & delivery, and mental health. She’s been teaching at UOPX for 18 years, helping countless nurses learn and achieve more.

Connie lives in South Carolina with her family, teaching and golfing as much as she can.