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September 21, 2020

Episode 6 : Brandon Ethridge on Defining What You Want
10 minutes

To get what you want, first you have to figure out what that actually is. Dan and UOPX’s Brandon Ethridge talk about questioning, finding and changing your path.

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How Tomorrow Works

a podcast on the future of education and the workforce

Welcome to How Tomorrow Works, a limited-series podcast about careers in an ever-changing world. We talk with UOPX leaders and alumni to hear what’s now, what’s next and what you can do to be ready.

Our Host

How Tomorrow Works is hosted by podcaster Dan Benjamin. He’s hosted, co-hosted and produced podcasts for over 10 years, including Back to Work, an award-winning talk show on productivity, communication and other workplace topics. Dan brings his career-minded thought leadership and easygoing interview skills to the show.

Soaring Toward Tomorrow

University of Phoenix has never been one to shrink from change. When working adults were too busy for traditional universities, we rethought the entire university model. We graduated our first students online way back in 1995.

So in this ever-changing career landscape, we’re not standing still. We look to industry experts to move towards the future, dedicated to preparing students for successful, realistic tomorrows.

Innovation is in our DNA. This podcast is just a taste of the UOPX philosophy.

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