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How Tomorrow Works podcast explores the future of careers

By University of Phoenix

  • Oct 01, 2020
  • 3 min read
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Automation and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have left many scratching their heads about the future of jobs. To educate and empower people on the changing landscape of work and careers, University of Phoenix has launched a new podcast called How Tomorrow Works.

The six-part content series explores the ways career options are changing and the ways higher education prepares students for successful, realistic work opportunities. Host Dan Benjamin, a veteran podcaster with more than 10 years of experience, talks with UOPX leaders and alumni about their careers, how they got there, what’s changed over time and how to take advantage of new opportunities.

The goal of the podcast is to help people prepare for the future by understanding every aspect of career preparation, from taking advantage of resources to cultivating company culture. Guests include professionals from a range of industries and professional levels, such UOPX academic advisor Ivan Nicolson and the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks Chief HR Executive Cayme Mackey. Episodes are available to be listened to on the PhoenixNews website.

Benjamin said the conversations that comprise How Tomorrow Works personalize some of the challenges and successes employees might face over the course of a career.

“It’s these personal stories of how people’s careers really don’t always have a direct path, how you learn things along the way and you adapt, change and evolve as a person,” he said.

This message is in full display in episode two of the podcast, which tells the story of UOPX faculty member Don Braunstein’s amazing career path. Braunstein’s unpredictable career started as a machinist, then a financial analyst before ultimately becoming president of Putnam and Grosset & Dunlap Publishing. He’s currently the lead faculty area chair in the College of Business and Information Technology and an instructor of marketing.

It’s these personal stories of how people’s careers really don’t always have a direct path, how you learn things along the way and you adapt, change and evolve as a person.

Dan Benjamin, veteran podcaster and host of How Tomorrow Works

Benjamin said one repeated theme that surfaced during the taping of the podcast was that UOPX is answering the call from working adults who are looking for new opportunities or to enhance their career while living a full, busy life.

It’s clear that UOPX and its instructors are very aware of how hard it is to juggle work, family and going back to school, he said.

“So many parents, single parents, are struggling, how do I fit an education in?’,” Benjamin said. “University of Phoenix understands all that and makes it possible.”

Vice Provost Doris Savron said the University anticipates education and workforce changes that are coming and then adapting to those needs.

“For us, it’s always looking toward the future and innovating to see how we can continue to help prepare people to grow in their careers without a pause or a gap,” Savron said. Understanding employer needs is key to supporting employer success and preparing students for long term success.

One of the most important ways the University does this is through hiring faculty who are experienced in their fields. UOPX instructors are often practicing professionals who are able to offer current perspectives on changes and needs they see coming in the future.

The University leverages its faculty for their expertise in the marketplace to help students understand how to apply theory to practice . The value of what faculty bring is their own experience that supports the learning in the course.

Savron encourages employees to consider upskilling to enhance their career as professional landscapes are evolving.

“The world is changing, much faster than in prior years, so it’s important to prioritize upskilling and lifelong learning,” she said. “Whatever season of life you are in—whether you need a certificate, whether you need a couple of single courses, whether you need a new degree, an advanced degree—those are all options at University of Phoenix.”

Savron said listening to How Tomorrow Works is one way to keep informed to make good, informed and inspired decisions on taking the next step in your career.

“The podcast is another way for us to share—through the voice of our students, through our faculty—relevant information for those that might be considering going back to school or making a decision about their career,” Savron said. “It’s a way to engage with others who have had different experiences that might be helpful for those looking towards change.”