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Many Americans worry their job skills will be obsolete post-pandemic, study says

A study from the University of Phoenix Career Institute found that many Americans are worried that their current job skills will be outdated because of technological advancements. While a majority of Americans are feeling optimistic about finding a job post-pandemic, some are facing significant career challenge.

According to the study, 22% of Americans said their job has become automated due to the pandemic, with 42% worried that their job skills will be outdated because of technological advancements.

Current workforce trends amid the pandemic

One in three Americans say their careers have been taken off course as a result of COVID-19’s turbulent impact on the U.S. job market, according to the Career Optimism Index Study.

The new report revealed 42 percent of people don’t see a clear path forward for advancing their careers over the long-term. Despite this, 78 percent of Americans remain optimistic when it comes to their career outlook. Chief Academic Officer and Provost for University of Phoenix, John Woods, shares the key findings and current workforce trends

How to be more patient with yourself

What’s tricky about the pandemic is that different aspects are troublesome for different people. Some are on-edge, worrying about contracting COVID-19. Others feel suffocated being at home and are missing their social life. We all have triggers that result in frustration, and often they’re a source of our lifestyle habits, says Steven Starks, the senior manager of career advising programs and operations at University of Phoenix.

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