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Tips to help you and your family have a safe, healthy Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving plans may need to be scaled back in size due to COVID-19, but there are still ways to enjoy time with loved ones in a safe way. Kathleen Winston, Ph.D., nursing dean at University of Phoenix, said the best preventative measures are still hand washing and good overall hygiene.

Raising the level of dialogue

Many Americans are still feeling the impacts of political divisiveness in the post-election period. Dean Aslinia, Ph.D., associate dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at University of Phoenix, offers suggestions for engaging in civil conversations with family and friends in order to move forward.

‘Don’t be fearful, but be careful’: Doctors advise cautious holiday planning to reduce COVID-19 spread

Holiday gatherings during this season’s coronavirus spike require planning with care, says Kathleen Winston, Ph.D., dean of the College of Nursing at University of Phoenix. Smaller guest lists and open-air dining are two considerations.

Five minutes with Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz – A seat at the table

University of Phoenix’s Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz, lead cybersecurity faculty for the Las Vegas Campus, shares her experience from three decades in the industry, including changes over time and the importance of embracing diversity to help close the widening skills gap.

BibliU launches digital learning platform for University of Phoenix students

University of Phoenix has teamed up with BibliU, an education technology company, specializing in digital textbook and monograph provision for universities, to provide its working adult students seamless interactive access to academic resources and make learning more convenient and accessible through the BibliU platform.

Survey: Nurses have taken on leadership roles but feel less respected than physicians

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to surge, nurses continue to step up and take on leadership roles. However, recent University of Phoenix survey data suggests that there’s still progress to be made with nurses being recognized as leaders during the pandemic.

Five tips for safe online holiday shopping

If you’re planning to do your Black Friday shopping virtually, take care to protect your personal info from cybercriminals. University of Phoenix’s Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz, lead area faculty chair for cybersecurity programs, lists tips to shop safely online this season.

Survey: Nurses have taken on leadership roles but feel less respected than physicians

A recent University of Phoenix survey of nurses finds that while nurses are taking on more leadership responsibilities during the pandemic, they still fall behind in the respect gap with physicians and patients.

University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies faculty and staff to present at the 2020 AECT virtual convention

Thirteen University of Phoenix researchers are presenting findings at this week’s Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) conference related to meeting the unique needs of adult learners and providing them with skills they can immediately apply to their field.

13 meditation apps and self-care products to relieve stress

Work can have a significant impact on mental health. A recent University of Phoenix survey found more than half (55 percent) of U.S. employees experience burnout at work, with the majority (86 percent) connecting burnout to job satisfaction. Meditation and self-care can help manage these feelings.

Talking to kids about the election

Age-appropriate discussions can help children make sense of the election. Pamela Roggeman, Ed.D., dean of the College of Education at University of Phoenix, provides examples of ways to cover the basics with younger kids and go more in-depth with teens.

5 tips for safe online holiday shopping

The holiday season provides malicious online criminals opportunities to steal valuable personal information. Stephanie Benoit-Kurtz, faculty chair for cybersecurity programs at University of Phoenix, shares safety measures can help protect your identity and prevent credit card theft.

Expert advice on talking to kids about the election

Pam Roggeman, dean of UOPX’s College of Education, shares tips for talking to kids about the passionate rhetoric of political debates and the value of being able to disagree.

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