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You have career questions. We have answers.

By University of Phoenix

  • May 07, 2020
  • 4 min read
Our career counselors sat down recently to answers some questions from our students and alumni. Send us your questions to PhoenixFlight@phoenix.edu. Your question might be featured in a future issue.

“How do I learn more about starting my own business, writing a business plan and gaining funding?”

Asked by: Kizzy Y. | Associate of Arts with a concentration in Business Fundamentals, 2018

Alice: A good resource for free small business counseling is www.SCORE.org — a national non-profit service funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. This site will help you learn how to write a business plan and manage cash and records. It can also provide information on how to get funding or explore franchise opportunities.

“I struggle with feeling unqualified. How do I demonstrate on my resumé I have the skills required for a particular job?”

Asked by: Valencia B. | Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration, 2019

Heather: You may be more qualified than you think! I encourage you to challenge your feelings of not being qualified and to replace them with being confident about the knowledge you have.

Though you might not have industry-specific work experience, everyone has many transferable skills that are valuable. Combine those skills with your education and knowledge, and highlight on your resumé the experiences that match what the employer is looking for. The summary/profile section of your resumé is where you’ll add your skills and qualifications that are specific to what’s required on the job description.

Being confident about what you know and including your strengths in your profile will help you demonstrate how you are prepared for your desired job. Good luck!

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Previous Career Questions
How should I discuss salary in an interview?

Asked by: Mike W. (BSHS/M, current student)

Steven’s answer: It’s always helpful to research the market data using salary research tools (such as Glassdoor, Indeed or PayScale) to understand typical salary ranges. This will help you provide a range that aligns with market data.

If you’d like to defer the salary discussion until the offer stage, you could say, “If you don’t mind, it’s a bit too early to discuss salary because I need more information about the specifics of the role. If it seems like a good fit for both parties, perhaps we can discuss salary later in the process.”

Remember your job search is about getting the right job, not about “winning” a negotiation. You may not get everything on your checklist, so you’ll need to pick your battles and be ready to communicate the value you can offer to the employer. If you show you’re the best candidate, your negotiation leverage will increase during the offer stage.

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