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UOPX Life Resource Center helps students and alumni during coronavirus pandemic

By University of Phoenix

  • May 07, 2020
  • 3 min read

If you wind up on the phone with University of Phoenix Academic Counselor Lori Fix, chances are she’ll direct you to her favorite service the University offers — the Life Resource Center. Helpful information abounds on the UOPX Life Resource Center website. There’s something for everyone, at every stage of life and for just about every situation or circumstance — including those affected by the coronavirus.

The Life Resource Center offers current and former students more than 5,000 resources, including webinars, podcasts, articles and assessments, as well as free life coaching, and counseling for active students. Whether you need help locating a pet sitter, a contractor for your remodeling project, a home for your aging parents, help understanding your child’s or spouse’s behavior, the Life Resource Center should be your first stop, Fix said. The best thing about the Life Resource Center is that it has nothing to do with school — it’s about life.

“Life doesn’t stop when you’re going to school. It’s a grind, going to school and having a family and a life,” Fix said.

When it all gets to be too much, Fix said that’s when students call her. They might be struggling in school, but often the reason is because there’s something going on outside of school. In these situations, the first thing she tells them about is the Center’s free counseling. Every UOPX student has access to three free and confidential counseling sessions by a master’s level therapist, per life event.

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, life goes on, and so do our problems. The isolation of social distancing and the frustration of working and studying from home with a house full of children needing help with their distance learning is exacerbating these problems.

Sometimes these resources can make all the difference to help students hang in there, to make them resilient, to recognize there is support.

Lori Fix

Academic Counselor, University of Phoenix

Right now, Fix said she’s frequently forwarding students to the Center’s parenting section, which has helpful information from describing childhood developmental stages to fun ideas for playing and connecting with your kids.

Having so much time together with no respite is also putting a strain on a lot of relationships. She also recommends the site’s information on conflict intervention, skill builders, how to recognize whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy, substance abuse resources and help for going through a divorce or custody dispute. These are all very heavy circumstances to navigate, even when you aren’t in the midst of a global health crisis, Fix said.

“Call your advisors for support, call the Life Resource Center for support,” Fix said. “Sometimes these resources can make all the difference in helping students to hang in there, to make them resilient, to recognize there is support.”

Fix said the Life Resource Center is the thing she’s most proud of at the University. It has nothing to do with academics, but everything to do with supporting UOPX students. UOPX students show a lot of grit and resilience. They find a way to balance working all day, returning home to cook, clean and interact with family and doing their homework. For these reasons, the University is dedicated to supporting them.

Fix said she’s amazed every day by the stories UOPX students tell her about their lives and the hurdles they’ve overcome just to go to school. Sometimes, the Life Resource Center has just what a student needs to make sure these hurdles don’t become a barrier to their education and career goals, she said.

“Why offer it? Because we know people aren’t just students — they’re mothers, fathers, spouses, sisters, brothers, grandchildren. Life doesn’t stop when they’re going to school.”