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Guide to creating your personal brand

By University of Phoenix

  • Oct 01, 2020
  • 2 min read

By Steven Starks, senior manager of career counseling programs and operations at University of Phoenix

All great brands offer their customers a specific promise of value. Over time, they earn a positive or negative reputation based on customers’ experiences of their brand. Similarly, you earn a reputation based on others’ experiences of you and the value you add in the workplace. This is your personal brand. To stand out in a competitive labor market, you must be intentional about the reputation you wish to create for yourself and be ready to communicate how you add value to employers.

Identify your brand attributes

Your personal brand lies at the intersection of two core concepts: “What do I think of me?” and “What do others think of me?” To uncover your brand attributes, you’ll need to do a bit of self-reflection and seek out feedback from the people who know you best.

Define your goals

Everyone is at different stages in their career journey. Some are happy just as things are; others want to make a career change; and many don’t know what they want out of a career. Still, no matter your situation, it all starts with one question: What do you want?

The first step to getting clear on your goals is to think broadly about the things you want from your career. With greater clarity about your goals, you can start developing the skills, reputation and professional relationships necessary to create the career you want.

Know your audience

All successful brands know whom their target market is and what’s important to them. Similarly, you need to know whom your target market is — the people who work in the
industries, companies and roles you’re interested in, so you know how to effectively market yourself as someone who can help them achieve their goals.

Through your research, conversations and career experiments, here’s what you need to find out to help you build a strong personal brand that appeals to your target market:

• What are the challenges your target market is facing day-to-day, company-wide and across the industry?
• How are these challenges impacting their business goals?
• Which problems and challenges can you help them solve?
• What must you convey to prove you can help them achieve their goals?

For additional questions to ask yourself to strategies to promote your brand, download this Personal Branding Guide.