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Learn the anatomy of an effective cover letter

By University of Phoenix

  • Oct 02, 2020
  • < 1 min read

As the document that personally introduces you (and your resume), a cover letter can be a powerful tool in a job search. The primary purpose of a cover letter is to get the reader’s attention, and ultimately, to get you an interview. However, a cover letter serves many other functions, allowing you to:

  • Tell the story behind specific skills and achievements to give them more explanation or to add color to your background.
  • Describe exactly how you could contribute to the success of the team/company.
  • Show your knowledge of the company/industry.
  • Point out a mutual connection.
  • Build rapport and likability by offering a small window into your personality and motivations.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills.
  • Explain something unusual on your resume, such as a gap in employment.

For detailed tips, click on University of Phoenix Career Services Team‘s downloadable Cover Letter Guide.