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Alumna evolves from a career in social media to a calling in social empowerment

By University of Phoenix

  • Apr 29, 2020
  • 3 min read

Business owner Jennifer Maggiore is on a mission to raise up entrepreneurs

Coming from a family rooted in small business ownership, Jennifer Maggiore, University of Phoenix alumna (BS in Business Marketing, 2005), knew from a young age that no matter what she ended up doing, she was going to be the boss.

“I probably always knew that I was not going to be someone’s employee,” she says with a laugh. “[As an employee] I was that person who would get in there and ask questions and say, ‘Show me.’ Whatever I was doing, I was going to be the master of my domain.”

As it turns out, Maggiore has mastered many domains since graduating from University of Phoenix: She founded the award-winning social media consultancy firm Red Balloon; became a recognized thought leader and speaker who shares career and life insights with numerous organizations; is a blogger and podcaster; and was one of The Arizona Republic’s Top 35 Women Entrepreneurs Under 35 in 2011.

The start of something new

Today, Maggiore runs Catalyst Branding and Business Consulting, where she focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. As a consultant, Maggiore helps clients clarify goals, create plans and find solutions — all with a focus on holistic well-being and “sane, enjoyable growth.”

Although officially founded in 2018, the idea for Catalyst is now almost half a decade old. It comes from a time when Maggiore, feeling “isolated and alone” as an entrepreneur, joined a handful of women’s entrepreneur groups.

“Suddenly, I found this group of women and after working with them for some time, I thought, ‘I am passionately on fire to serve this community,’” she says. “And from there, I could see that this was really my calling. That was the beginning of Catalyst.”

I probably always knew that I was not going to be someone’s employee. Whatever I was doing, I was going to be the master of my domain.

— Jennifer Maggiore
BS in Business Marketing 2005, University of Phoenix

Putting it all together

With Catalyst, Maggiore is on a mission that is closer to her heart than anything she’s done before. Leaning on the lessons she learned over the past 15 years, she helps her clients negotiate a range of challenges: from the deeply personal, like combating self-doubt, to the straight forward, such as where to find venture capital and how to create an effective social media strategy.

Mastering many domains has turned out to be the right prerequisite for Maggiore’s current career. From Red Balloon, she brings social media marketing expertise. From the cycles of serial entrepreneurship, she brings hard-won knowledge of the ins and outs of starting and running businesses. And from her life experiences, she brings the ability to cultivate self-awareness, something she heartily recommends to her clients.

“Develop a spiritual practice,” she advises. “Small daily rituals that keep you aware of your inner voice, and grounded in yourself and your higher power, will lead you to your purpose.”

First love and lasting impact

Maggiore still loves helping her clients bring their marketing to life through social. But with Catalyst it’s a new kind of social engagement, one where her skills meet her passion for helping others succeed. She feels she’s right where she belongs.

“Social media is like that first boyfriend that you’ll always care about, but having built three businesses, I have a skill set. I’ve seen a lot and I’ve got some greater gifts to offer the world,” she says. “This feels like the path I’m supposed to be on, and this is the greater social impact I can make.”

By Spring Eselgroth, Senior Writer, University of Phoenix

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